About the Dance Collection

Caroline Wellesley creates striking contemporary designer jewellery that’s unapologetic and colourful with a playful edge. Just like the women who wear it.

Constantly inspired by a wealth of influences, Caroline draws from tales of the past — whether it’s vintage American movies full of vivid glamour, the seductive iconography of Studio 54 and 80s graphic design, or her own English heritage, all of her jewellery is designed and handmade in her London studio. Drawing on influences in repetitive lines and geometric shapes each piece is crafted in recycled sterling silver, plated in either gold or using an innovative method of ceramic coating. 

Traditional goldsmithing techniques are fused with modern technologies to create seductive pieces full of sensuous curves and volumes, using a palette of bright untamed colours.

Designed for those who just wanna have fun.

Caroline has always held a fascination with the decadence and scandals of the past. As a little girl she was always captivated with the stories of her ancestors and their wild rebellious behaviour — from tales of seduction which ended in a duel, to her great grandmother who became a showgirl, Caroline has always been inspired by women who play by their own rules. For Caroline, jewellery has always been the perfect way to express uniqueness and individuality, celebrating empowered women. Her jewellery symbolises women’s innate sense of spirit, and their determination to be bold, daring, and their true selves.

The statement jewellery Caroline designs is for those who just wanna have fun. (And look amazing while doing it.)

Inspired by women who play by their own rules.